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Around the Sims 3 | Chair-Desk

"You have no idea how long I’ve been working on this. I might have started two or three years ago, but I couldn’t get it working (the bad news is that it STILL doesn’t work properly). Every couples of months, I dig  it again from my “unachieved projects”, was spending hours, days, at trying various things without success. For all these years, I’ve tried to use a picnic table as base, but no matter what I could do (rename the bone for plate as the bone for homework, for example), I never managed to make a Sim doing his homework on these desks, and it’s all I wanted to do.
So, last time I tried, I gave up. Instead of using a picnic table, I made the chair-desk from a chair, and it needs an invisible desk to be used. So, Sims can do their homework there, use a scribbling pad or a computer. Yeah.
But the bad side is that Sims clip into their desk when they move from the chair, of course."


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